Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's Get Lost - Sarra Manning

“People don't want you to be yourself, they just want you to be the person that they've decided you should be.” 


Title: Let’s Get Lost
Author: Sarra Manning
Format: Paperback
Release Date:
Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary, Chicklit, High school, Drama.
Stars out of ten: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

The 'Queen Bee' at her school, Isabel likes to keep everyone very much at arm’s length. But when she meets the enigmatic Atticus Smith, she begins to question her very identity - maybe she wasn't born to be bad after all.

Isabel is her high school’s Queen, she’s worked her way to the top after two brutal years in middle school she had made a change and became a totally different person. Now the roles are flipped and she has all of the power that she could possibly have, returning to take her A levels at 16, Isabel boozes, flirts with guys and frequently fights with her father. Until Isabel meets Smith in an attic where Isabel is hoping to escape the mania of a college party, however Smith is so out of it that he thinks that Isabel is Chloe and kisses Isabel who willingly plays along with the act, until her friends find her and question her as to why she is kissing him and why he is calling her Chloe. This is not the first time that Isabel and Smith cross paths and throughout the book they cross paths more and more.
It all starts with the swapping of their ipods after having coffee with one another after the party, Smith takes a liking to Isabel and invites her to some parties. Smith is unaware that Isabel is in fact 16, she tells him that she is 18 and as you can imagine, later in the book Smith finds out… and it isn’t pretty. It is actually set up, by the people she used to believe as her friends later in the book named ‘the bitch squad’ from my point of view they were extremely hard and I wouldn’t have been friends with them afterwards, but she’s obviously more forgiving than I am.

I really liked this book and it was a very solid seven stars, because I didn’t like Smith and only started to realise that he did respect her, I didn’t get the whole love feeling radiating off of him in those Isabel and Smith moments and thought that he was going to leave her early on in the book. So I didn’t really like Smith. I thought Isabel was rather blunt and irrational at times and I cringed when she lied all the time, but she had something to be desired for. In some parts of the book she was so strong, that made me respect her more. Isabel’s father annoyed me so much. So I didn’t like Isabel’s dad. I hated Isabel’s friends, they were so aggravating and horrible towards Isabel, but she was the same towards them.
 So really the whole book was a vicious circle of characters for me. I felt that the plot got lost halfway through, and I usually really dig romance but I wasn’t a huge fan of this relationship. But the climax to the ending was amazing, she literally had her life pulled out from underneath her, and I think there was (as I said before) a lot to be desired for Isabel, she was very headstrong and didn’t give up. She had also lost a lot, and her mother’s death had had a great impact on her life, in which she didn’t want anybody to see. Isabel was a great character, but as I pointed out before she had many flaws.

Overall I enjoyed this book, however it was very different than I expected it to be and it had a lovely twist at the end. 

Thank you for reading this post, I will soon hopefully be doing a waterstones dash/book haul post because I am stoking up on books for my holiday, in less than a week **screams**. 
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