Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (almost a week late) - Hilarious book titles

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by: The broke and The bookish, and here on Hooked on Books we have also decided to join.

I know exactly what you are thinking, "It is Sunday night and she was meant to upload last Tuesday." This is not me mixing up the days, I know exactly what day it is. I have valid excuse,s 1. My nan got taken to Accident and Emergency last Monday after taking a fall from a rather large horse. 2.I had to go to Accident and Emergency with her. 3.Once I left Accident and Emergency, my Mum and I had to go and stay at her house seeing as she has 2 horses and 2 dogs, 4.HER HOUSE DOESN'T HAVE WIFI! I spent like five hours trying to get it to work... I haven't been home since then, but here I am now...

Last weeks theme was...
I had no idea what to put so I have googled and picked my favourites

  1. She's my Sister - Having a Retarded Sister - I saw this and laughed, it reminds me of something Celine would say, instead her catchphrase was 'Ellie is an idiot' for the whole of last years biology lessons.
  2. The Princess Bitchface Syndrome - I really like this title for many reasons, 1. I love how blunt it is 2. I am very certain if my mum saw this book in a shop she would buy it. 
  3. Why I killed Pluto and Why it had it coming - This book just confused me, I loved the title and I would love to read a book with such a witty title. 
  4. Tequila Mockingbird - Another witty title, such an awesome play on words and a very fitting title. I think this title is pure genius. 
  5. If someone lies to you, Murder him and lie about Murdering him. - Haha, this is a child's book and that is so messed up and its just hilarious, I cannot form a legible sentence.    
 IF SOMEONE LIES TO YOU, MURDER HIM AND LIE ABOUT MURDERING HIMJON KLASSEN,quoteWeird Book CoversExorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person

  1.     The big book of Lesbian Horse Stories - I am sure I had a book or a book like this with a super dodgy title? I cant remember..
  2. Cooking with Pooh - Yum! It seems that many people are also being as immature as I am and finding this revoltingly funny.
  3. My first rave! - I think this is funny because of all of the kids on the cover. I am very curious to see what this book holds. 
  4. Killing Koala bears, from another dimension - This is ironic, I mean aren't Koala bears like the cutest animal ever, well on the cover it is holding a human head which is very worrying. 
  5. Exorcism - This book is so random, I think if I ever go out with Celine and we are planning our consumption of Alcohol I am going to read this, just in case.

Well I hope you enjoy this Top Ten Tuesday, I have laughed loads:)
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