Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Childhood favourites.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Here on Hooked on books we have decided to join the group and start posting our Top Tens, so where better to start than the beginning, with my top ten childhood favourites (in no particular order).

  1. The Faraway Tree Collection - I absolutely loved these books once I had read them. The stories were so magical and I loved the enchanted wood and all of the hilarious characters, I think I read the entire collection in a matter of days. They were my favourite books for quite a while.  
  2. Malory Towers - I only read a few of these books, but I remember my Mum telling me to read them because she used to really enjoy them. I also really enjoyed them, 
  3. Black Beauty - I remember when I read this book, I was seven and had just started a new school and my Mum and my teacher were talking in the playground one day about how I was reading this book. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this book seeing as I was mad about horses at this time.
  4.  The Dream Dealer - I still have this book on my bookshelves and I still love this cover. I read this book when I was slightly older and I remember finishing it and adding it to my favourite books ever, even though the only thing I can really remember is that it is about an ice cream van. 
  5. The Switch  - This book was literally my life, I loved it. It sparked my Anthony Horowitz obsession. It was addictive, had a great storyline and such vivid and realistic characters
  1.  The London Eye Mystery - I remember reading this and thinking the ending was complete genius, I loved it. 
  2. Frozen in Time - This book had had amazing storyline,totally gripping and exciting.I really enjoyed reading it. 
  3. Clarice Bean  - The Clarice Bean books were like my guilty pleasure as a child I used to find the writing and the illustrations so exciting and interesting, I also loved the fact that Clarice Bean was reading another book within a book, it completely messed with my head in such an exciting way.
  4. Ms Wiz - Ms Wiz was a teacher who was awesome, I remember one sentence which was like don't use words unless you know how to spell them and I remember checking everything I said just to make sure I could spell it. She was the coolest teacher imaginable, I loved her. 
  5. I know what you did last Wednesday - I loved the Diamond brother series by Anthony Hororwitz but I think this book had to be my favourite. I think if I re read this book I would still enjoy it, the plot was absolute genius.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the beginning of this feature. I really enjoyed reading about what I had read when I was younger. 

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