Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Late Night/Early Morning Reading

I'm making this post on:

& it's 00:21 and I'm in the bathroom reading...

Why am I in the bathroom?
As a fellow roommate to three other people, I don't want to disturb them from their precious beauty sleep and it's pretty evident that they all need it, especially someone whose name starts with an O and ends with an N ;). Just joking guys, I hope you never see this. 
Why am I reading at this time especially when tomorrow is the first day of Summer term?
Well as you can see from my calendar above, the first thing on my calendar is indeed 'flying' at 06:00. Basically my school will take a group of people to fly, (yes fly an aircraft!) and the last time I was meant to go I overslept and completely missed out so this time I am being very prepared. 
My definition of being prepared is not going to sleep so there is an 80% chance that I will not miss it this time. I could always accidentally dose off but I've done this plenty of items before and it is not likely. 
If you haven't already figured, this means that I get to miss the first day, woo! :D
What am I reading?
The Forest of Hands & Teeth - Carrie Ryan
Even the title oozes excitement & who knows, I might finish it within a couple of hours!

Stay tuned :)